609 Main

Pickard Chilton, Kendall Heaton
D.E. Harvey Builders

609 Main is the story of building a ten-story high, wood clad trellis that is prominently visible from the street, especially at night.

Try to get your head around the elongated pyramid shape cut out of the building, and then visualize fabricating all the parts and pieces in all the different sizes and angles for the trellis. Now make sure you align the major, horizontal fins with the buildings window mullions and engineer it such that there is relatively easy access for lighting and cleaning! Extraordinary teamwork with the General Contractor, Engineer, two Architects and the Developer was required to accomplish this.

Another challenging detail was wall and ceiling paneling fabricated of reclaimed wood in the fitness center. Replicating the angled cut concept for the building exterior in the fitness room again required extreme coordination, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Scope of Project

Millwork: wood trellis, wall and ceiling paneling, slat wall paneling; lacquer paneling, credenzas, plastic laminate cabinets

Furniture: security desk, reception desk

Areas: Atrium, building lobby, elevator lobbies, fitness center, locker rooms, conference center, training room

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