499 Sheridan

Pickard Chilton, Kendall Heaton
JE Dunn

The feature wall for 499 Sheridan is the equivalent of modern day marquetry on a grandiose scale!

Subtle differences in panel colors and metal depths ensure this amazing wall has a different look depending on the time of day. Brochsteins had to conceive of a process to track more than 30 distinctly sized and shaped metal parts in different quantities for a total of 1,875 separate metal parts and three subtly different stain colors on six different shaped panels while maintaining grain direction for more than 1,350 wood parts – all of which had to be installed in a very precise sequence. This wall reflects Brochsteins’ commitment to precision since any one part or piece installed upside down or in the wrong sequence would ruin the effect of the wall.

Scope of Project

Veneer: Walnut and metal

Millwork: Feature wall with hexagonal panels, ceiling panels, handrail

Furniture: Reception desk

Areas: Building lobby

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